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When people think about divorce, one thing that frequently comes to mind is alimony, known as spousal support in California. Maintaining an acceptable level of financial support for a former spouse has long been an expected part of divorce proceedings. However, a culture change over the last several decades has led to new ways of thinking about spousal support.

That does not mean that long-term alimony is a thing of the past. To the contrary, some spouses have received, and will continue to receive, spousal support. Having an experienced attorney from the Law Offices of Marion E. Froehlich in Vista, California, on your side can ensure that spousal support will be addressed appropriately in your case.

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Alimony can be a contentious issue in divorces, regardless of the amounts involved. This is why having a compassionate, knowledgeable lawyer working with you can make all the difference.

Marion E. Froehlich and her legal team know how important an issue spousal support is to parties on both sides of the issue. She will work with you throughout your case to achieve the best result possible.

Before you select an attorney, we encourage you to talk with us so you can learn more about our legal philosophy.

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