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You May Have Less Separate Property Than You Think

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After years of being married, a couple’s assets are likely intertwined to a great degree. Joint bank accounts, investment vehicles and titles to homes and other major assets may be in the names of both members of a couple. However, some of the funding for those assets may have come from only one member of the couple — known as separate property.

At the Law Offices of Marion E. Froehlich in Vista, our legal team will help you trace your separate property in order to maximize the benefits to you in a divorce. This may require extensive research to go back far enough to determine where particular sums of money came from originally — effort that is often justified at the end of the process.

Are You The Beneficiary Of A Will Or A Trust? Protect Your Inheritance.

One common reason for separate property involves inheritances. Children who inherit their parents’ estates, either partially or in full, generally do so on their own. That is, beneficiaries are named individuals, not couples. Despite this, in many cases, the proceeds of an individual’s inheritance are placed into a joint bank account.

From there, tracking the money can be complicated. Funds may have been transferred between and among other accounts and used for purchasing homes or other real estate, for example. It takes a lawyer dedicated to her client’s cause to trace the inheritance back to its original source, but the benefits to doing so can be immense.

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