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We are grateful to our military members. We appreciate the service they provide and the sacrifices they make to keep us safe. We are also aware of the unique issues related to deployment and military assignment far from family support.

Deployment can mean making special custody arrangements for the period of deployment. It can also mean an increase in the military member’s income which, in some situations, will result in an increase of the military member’s support obligation. Return from deployment can again raise questions about changes in support and custody arrangements. We have experience handling these issues and can guide you through the process. We want you to know your rights under California law.

Don’t Fail To Consider Your Military Pension

With our office’s location in Vista, we are close to Camp Pendleton and not far from Miramar Naval Air Station. We have a long history of working with military families. We understand Military Protective Orders, Leave and Earnings Statements, allotments, military disability, rank, and military pensions. We have worked with Base Legal and have served clients referred to us by Base Legal. We want to help.

A big question for military families is what happens to the pension of someone who has served for a long time — sometimes decades. Military pensions might be divided for divorcing couples, particularly if families had intended to use that pension for the benefit of the couple, rather than an individual.

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