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The Law Offices of Marion E. Froehlich is a premier provider of legal representation for divorce and family law in San Diego County. With family history in the San Diego legal community, and a devoted team of family law professionals, our firm offers time-tested and sincere legal representation.

Divorce is a painful, highly emotional ordeal. Emotions can interfere in unforeseeable ways, making it difficult to advance complex legal proceedings and execute necessary requirements. With over 30 years of combined experience in family law, our goal is to facilitate proceedings by guiding you through divorce by whatever method is most conducive to your circumstances.

If you are considering divorce and have questions about the legal implications, contact our law offices to arrange an initial consultation. We have evenings and weekends availability by appointment.

How Does Divorce Work?

Divorce involves resolving child custody and visitation disputes and distributing all property, debts, income and support associated with the marriage according to California community property laws. There are many administrative steps, and if you are not familiar with them, divorce can end up costing you significantly more money and take more time to complete.

We oversee proceedings to ensure that all requirements are met, paperwork is done, financial disclosures are submitted and other mandatory steps are completed on time. We want your divorce to go as smoothly as possible.

Litigation Versus Mediation

Litigation is the traditional adversarial method of divorce in which both spouses fight for property and custody rights in court. This method is best suited to high-asset or contentious divorce cases. If you and your partner cannot agree on how to resolve matters, this may be the best option for you.

Mediation is a more affordable method of divorce that can resolve contested issues outside of court and can be done with a single lawyer-mediator or with three lawyers (two client consultants and one mediator). Mediation often results in a more customized settlement and is generally a better method for divorces that involve children.

These methods can also be combined. For example, sometimes parenting issues are mediated while the financial issues are litigated.

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Attorney Marion E. Froehlich has helped hundreds of families dissolve their marriages and create sustainable business partnerships.

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