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Develop A Sensible Child Sharing Plan

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Focus On Your Child’s Well-Being

The number one issue for divorcing parents is child sharing. In many cases, both parents want to maximize their interaction with their children; in practice, however, this may not be possible. A parenting plan needs to make sense for everyone involved, tailored to the ages of the children and their best interests.

At the Law Offices of Marion E. Froehlich in Vista, California, parents can work with an experienced family law attorney who is passionate about the law and the people they work for. Child custody and child support decisions can have a major impact on families and children long after they are made, so it is crucial to get them right.

Is What You Are Asking For Reasonably Possible?

The expectation among divorcing parents may be that child custody will be equal. In reality, however, a 50-50 split is not always feasible. Children whose parents live far apart, for example, could end up living far away from their school half the time, increasing travel time at the cost of parental interaction.

Parental rights do play a part in the equation. California strongly promotes a policy that children have contact with both parents. Any decisions must be made, however, with an eye toward the children’s best interests.

Children often have preferences regarding their schedules. Their wishes can be considered by the court, along with their maturity and ability to form preferences.

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