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Do You Expect To Keep Your Family Business?

Let Us Help Guide You Through The Complexities Of Valuing A Business

Our clients rarely understand that the value of their family business. Its value in terms of community property is usually not the same as its value on the open market.

We are legal professionals dedicated to putting our clients in the best possible position during their divorce. From our Vista offices, we are committed to providing accurate business valuations so that the true value of a family business is made clear.

What Goes Into Valuing A Business

Establishing the timeline of a business’s formation is crucial. A business that was begun by one spouse before the marriage is treated differently than one founded by the two spouses together.

In some cases, both spouses have started a business but only one is involved in the day-to-day operation of it. Even so, both spouses have an even interest in the business.

Our firm may employ a forensic CPA onto the team in order to review the financial records of a business and determine how it should be valued, but we are conscious of how expensive and drawn-out the family law process can be. We do not recommend unnecessary services or complete any work that is not integral to your case.

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