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Affluent couples in San Diego County who pursue a divorce quickly learn that sorting out their assets can be an arduous process. A long marriage — even a relatively brief one — can trigger an extensive accounting of a couple’s holdings in financial instruments as well as less liquid investments.

In Vista, the Law Offices of Marion E. Froehlich has experience working with high-asset divorces and on the complexities of property division. Residents of Carlsbad and other Southern California communities have relied on our attorneys to lead the charge when it comes to uncovering hidden assets and making sure no stone goes unturned.

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When assets have been commingled, asset division in a divorce can be more difficult. The value of assets such as bank accounts or investment accounts is relatively straightforward, but valuing art collections or real estate, for example, can be tougher.

Family businesses can be another tricky issue. Splitting a business venture down the middle is generally not an option, and people may be reluctant to sell a long-held family business just to satisfy the terms of a divorce settlement. Also, it may not be an option for both parties to continue to own or run the business together.

If you have a prenuptial agreement in place, there may be relatively little to negotiate in terms of asset division.

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